Have you ever forgotten to pack something important on a camping trip?

You won't any more! With ScoutPackster, simply fill out information about your camping trip, and the app will generate a packing list for you. The app generates packing lists by evaluating the number of nights, temperature, type of camping trip, and activities on the trip.

Why Should I use ScoutPackster?

User Friendly

The app has a simple and effective design that guides you step by step through creating your packing lists. Packing lists can be created by answering a few simple questions.


Customizable settings allow the app to fit your needs. The app adapts to the environment you will be camping in and what items you are allowed or not allowed to bring (ex. Knives & Lighters).

Perfect for Parents and Leaders

If your son is a Boy Scout or you are a leader in your troop/patrol, then ScoutPackster is perfect for you! ScoutPackster allows scouts to easily share their packing lists via texts or emails so leaders and parents can keep track of their scout's packing.

Find Temperature from Forecast

Don't know what the temperature will be like on your trip? No problem! Just input the date and location into the packing list setup and the average temperature will be calculated for you in order to help you properly pack clothing and gear.

So what are you waiting for? Download it for FREE today!

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